Jeremiah - Drums                   Josiah - Guitar/Ukulele                Michelle - Piano/Vocals        Meleah - Piano/Vocals            McKenna - Piano

Meet Our Teachers!

With over 70 years of combined teaching experience, Our teachers work to match your child's learning style and meet their personal Musical potential!

Experienced Teachers

30-minute classes held at your child's school.  Small groups filled with instruments, movement, music, and private lesson readiness.  

Offered to Early Childhood teachers at their school or at their local conferences.  

Offering Private Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Drum and Voice lessons - Beginner to Advanced levels.   

In-service Certification Workshops

Early Childhood Music Classes

Private        Lessons

  • Caring Teachers
  • Music Readiness
  • Hands-on Instruction
  • Educational and Fun
  • Technologically Minded
  • Continuing Education
  • ​Conveniently located


​Baby Grand is an incredible business that truly cares about its students.  I learned so much from Meleah not only because she is a great teacher, but also because of her passion for music and for her students.  I knew I could ask any questions or mess up and not be judged.  I had an amazing experience and would recommend Baby Grand to anyone! - Laura Wyatt, Piano Student Graduate

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